Secondary Market

Our Mission

Secondary Market was formed to help early stage investors sell their Pre-IPO shares to other investors easily and effectively. Shareholders who are trying to cash out have few options and high fees associated with transactions. Secondary Market helps investors by making the process easy with less brokerage fees.

Our Vision

Secondary Market knows the investment landscape has changed and investors should be able to take full advantage of the new laws governing investments. Early stage investors and institutional investors can now take advantage of new laws and sell their shares in private companies.

Secondary Market
Solutions for Early Stage Investors
Buy and Sell Private Shares

Secondary Market

Secondary Market helps investors sell their pre-IPO shares. We make the process simple and less expensive than traditional brokerages.

Low Brokerage Fees

Secondary Market has less fees than traditional brokerages. We do this by using new blockchain technology that helps keep costs and fees to a minimum.

Sell Shares

Sell all or some of your shares. We deliver your shares through blockchain technology to other investors eager to buy early stage private market shares.

Advice and Consultation

Secondary Market helps you by giving you advice and consultation in order to ensure you make the best decision if you decide to sell your shares.

Easy Transaction

Selling your Pre-IPO shares is easier than ever. There are thousands of investors looking to buy shares in Private Companies on Secondary Market Investor network.

Trusted Experts

Secondary Market has experts with over 85 years combined in investing and shares transaction as well as private placement deal flow. We have the expertise you need.

Backed by Industry Experts

Completely transparent deal flow with leaders in Fin-Tech innovation