Secondary Market

Secondary Market helps investors in early stage emerging growth companies liquidate their shares through private transactions.

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Accredited Investors

Secondary Market helps early investors sell their shares in Pre IPO companies. Shareholders can sell their shares today.

Accredited Investors

Secondary Transactions

Secondary Market delivers all the tools and information you need to buy or sell your shares prior to companies IPO or acquisition.

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Secondary Market Investors

Secondary Market takes a leading role in secondary market transactions. We have a dedicated team of professionals to help early stage investors sell their shares without lock out periods. There has never been a better time to sell your shares in the Pre-IPO market.

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Secondary Market

Secondary Market helps early stage investor liquidate their shares of Pre-IPO stock quickly with lower fees than traditional brokerages.

Early Investors

Early Investors have wanted an easy exit from their private stock holdings. Secondary Market delivers an effective way to sell your shares.

Compliance Paperwork

Secondary Market compliance officers help ensure all your trades are secure and safe. We do all the due diligence for your piece of mind.

Full Transparency

Secondary Market delivers full transparency in trades. We connect investors and private shareholders. Sell your shares today.

Expert Support

Our team will deliver all necessary documents and information. Secondary Market has a complete team at your disposal.

Easy Transactions

Secondary Market delivers an easy and effective vehicle for share transactions. Get access to the new paradigm of investing today.

Sell Your Pre-IPO Shares

Secondary Market has been on the cutting edge of investment innovation for over 15 years. We can now help investors, family offices and institutional investors sell their interests of Pre-IPO shares without the high brokerage and legal fees. Backed by blockchain technology we offer investors a solution to sell shares prior to IPO. Secondary Market has the expertise you need to liquidate your shares today. Our partner network can help you sell your locked in shares easily and with low brokerage fees.

Sell Your Shares
Investor to Shareholder

Secondary Market gives shareholders the abiltiy to sell their Pre-IPO shares to other eager investors. Institutional investors, accredited investors and family offices are looking to buy shares of tightly held Pre-IPO stock. There has never been a better time for investors to come together. We have lower brokerage fees and barriers than traditional Pre-IPO investment services. Invest in unicorns today. Secondary Market has a list of the best Private companies with available share.

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Accredited Investors

Accredited Investors now have the ability to invest along side institutional investors in the best Private Companies. If you are an accredited investor interested in learning more please fill out our form.

Accredited Investors get access the best private company stock by dealing directly with common stock and preferred stock shareholders. Our team can get you shares and set up all the transfers quickly.

Accredited Investors
accredited investors

What our Customers say

I want to thank Secondary Market for helping me sell my shares of my Pre-IPO. Due to medical issues I had few options. Their support and help was amazing. Thanks to them I did not have to sell all my shares.- Taylor P.
I had no idea that the process could be this easy. Secondary Market also did not hammer us with fees. - Alan J. Chicago
As an investor in many early stage companies I know when the time to get out should be. I had my mind set and found Secondary Market. Their team was amazing and the process was fast. - Mark O.

Secondary Market Sell Your Shares Today!

Secondary Market helps early stage investors sell their pre-IPO shares easily and quickly. Our investor network finds the right investor to buy your shares. We can help investors even with lock up periods to liquidate their shares. Our team will give accredited investor, institutional investors and family office the ability to buy and sell their shares of private company stocks. We are committed to helping bring like minded investors together without the high brokerage fees.

Sell Your Shares